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New Reality

We’d like to introduce New Reality (NR). This bundles the broad range of techniques The Show Room offers in order to achieve the most unique, digital experiences. Each showroom consists of a virtual 3D decor that can be supplemented with techniques such as Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Motion Graphics and Virtual Reality. 

When we select technologies to build your showroom, your objectives are always leading. Do you want to inspire, or rather inform? Is the goal entertainment or edutainment? How important are interaction, measurability and co-creation to your brand? Will you use of one of our demo decors or would you prefer a custom world?

Whatever you want to show or share, New Reality gets you there!

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"The Show Room is a dynamic, digital world for interactive and future-proof brand experiences!"

Jasper Steenkamp

Lead Creative Strategy Creative Animal


Discover the possibilities

The Show Room allows you to create and experience anything you can imagine. Tailor-made for each brand and target group, and available 24/7 across every time zone.


Each showroom is aligned to brand message and brand DNA;

Easy to reach

High quality international livestreaming/ broadcast;


From unique concepts to complete NR-worlds in a short period of time;


Designs are extendable with AR, VR, MR, LED and physical elements;


showroom content can be deployed for other media;


Fixed contact persons on the technical and content sides;

Future proof

The platform is prepared for new technological developments and software apps, for example in videoconferencing and co-creation;

Brand experienced

Marcom, brand activation and brand experience know-how;

Content specialist

Aiming for the highest quality content in text and visuals;


Each showroom concept is assigned its own team of specialists, from motion graphic designers, software engineers and 3D developers to content managers, brand experience marketeers and storytellers;

Let’s create a showroom together!

Try before you buy!

The Show Room is an initiative of brand agency Brand New Live, with digital partner Creative Animal (part of NEP). Together, we bring brands alive in a digital world, with advanced technology, high-quality livestreaming and interactive brand experiences.